Local and Global Impact

During the 2015-2016 school year, Peirce Student Council focused on one local issue; hunger. Throughout the month of October, November, and December we held a canned food drive, “Scare for Hunger” trick or treating event, and also spirit days to raise awareness of hunger that is happening within our neighborhood, city, state, and country. WE helped support the local non-profit organization Care for Real. To learn more about their organization, please visit: http://careforreal.org/
Previous Projects 
2012 – The Peirce Student Council sponsored the Water Project. Click on the image to watch a video showing the importance of fresh clean water, and that the impact we made in changing and SAVING lives.


December 2014 
We are elated to bring our Peirce families with an update from the Student Council charity from 2012, “The Water Project.” Two years ago Student Council supported The Water Project and raised over $3,000 to help build a well in Africa! This entire idea came from ONE student, who motivated others to impact hundreds of people whom we may never meet, but have changed their lives forever.
It has been almost two years since the well was completed and the organization recently sent us photograph of the children in the village in Africa, along with letters from the children in the village. There is running water in the village and children are able to attend school every day all day. A picture is worth a thousand words…amazing!
We are extremely proud of our students who have always been global thinkers and willing to help other children in need. As an IB World School, we will continue to encourage Peirce Students to bring their ideas to fruition to make the world a better place.

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