We Want YOUR Cans!

November 7th is the kick-off of the annual Peirce Student Council Canned Food Drive benefiting Care for Real; a local non-profit organization that serves families in the Edgewater neighborhood. We somewhere lost track of how many years our school has had this annual event, but we know it’s close to 20 years! This is a favorite tradition at Peirce, and we want to continue supporting organizations that support our own Peirce families!

Starting November 7th through November 30th, students in grades preschool through eighth grade are encouraged to bring in canned food items, non-perishable items, paper products, baby items, pet items, etc… to go towards our annual drive!

To learn more about Care for Real, please visit their website here: Care for Real


Don’t know what you should donate? Here are some things Care for Real needs, and things they will not accept. This list is taken directly off their website to help ensure you are getting the right information.

Standard Items

These standard staple items are the most distributed foods at the Care for Real pantry.

Suggested items include:
100% shelf stable fruit juice
canned fruits and vegetables
canned meat products; beef stew, pork and beans, tuna, chicken, ham, beef
canned food items
breakfast cereals (whole grain, if possible)
peanut butter
black and green olives, dill pickles, sauerkraut, anchovies,
pasta. beans and rice
soups and broths and other miscellaneous items
coffee and tea
baby food

Care for Real cannot accept:

open or used items
foods in rusty, severely damaged or unlabeled containers
outdated or expired food items
homemade canned goods or re-packaged goods
prepared foods that are un-packaged
alcoholic beverages

Personal Care Items

diapers (always needed)
personal care items such as toothpaste, soap, razors, shaving cream, shampoo, body wash, deodorant
laundry detergent
paper towels and toilet paper

Healthy Choices

Care for Real is making an effort to not only “fill bellies” but to do so in a healthier more nutritious way.  As the majority of clients turning to Care or Real include seniors and families with children under the age of 18, we are aggressively seeking food donations to help ensure our clients are living healthier lifestyles.  This coincides with our  “client choice” food distribution model that allows folks to pick and choose the food they receive from Care for Real.

Suggested Items include:
100% shelf stable low sugar/sugar free fruit juice, non-perishable canned goods (low sodium if possible), canned fruits (sugar free or light syrup), canned tuna and chicken, breakfast cereals (whole grain), low fat peanut butter, light jams and jelly, whole wheat pasta, brown and wild rice, dried beans, barley, bulgar, farro, quinoa, polenta,  low sodium soups and broths, spaghetti and pizza sauce, salsas, olive and canola oil, canned beans (white, kidney, pinto, black, navy), canned tomatoes (no salt),  canned artichokes,  whole wheat crackers, whole wheat pizza crust, mustard, ginger, raw sugar, spices, honey, vinegars, low sodium soy sauce, low fat salad dressings, nuts, seeds,  dried fruit, pita chips, pretzels, popcorn, high fiber protein bars, fruit leather, and coffee.



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