International Day of Happiness!

Last Friday, March 18th, Student Council hosted “Orange Day” in honor of the International Day of Happiness that takes place around the world on March 20th! This year March 20th fell on a Sunday, and so we decided to have our “orange day” on Friday. The color orange has been signified as the color of happiness around the world through the United Nations!

One of our Peirce parents came up with the idea of creating a “happiness wall”, where students, staff, and visitors can write on the wall of what makes them happy! This has been displayed since last Wednesday! Some classes even wrote on post-it notes and created “happy faces” around the wall.

On Friday at 1:30 p.m., we had a school-wide dance party to the song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams! Students in grades preschool through eighth grade stopped what they were doing, and danced! It was an awesome brain break, and a great way to celebrate being happy!

To learn more about The International Day of Happiness, please check out this link below!

United Nations Day of Happiness

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